First time through Facebook we are giving away 50 scholarships worth of 50,000 U.S. $ to study in Singapore/Cyprus/Japan world class universities and Colleges.
(Applicable for Maldives/ Bhutan/ Sri Lankan and Indian Citizens)
That we will select on between 30th July to 30th August 2015 by weekly basis.

 Simply follow the steps

 Step 1- like the page Deon International page in Facebook

 Step 2- like this post there

 Step 3- comment which country you prefer to study

 Step 4- Share the post with your friends

The winners will be message via facebook inbox message

 Singapore 1 year study and work:

  Usual fee- 5000 $
  Scholarship fee- 3700 $

 Cyprus 1 year study and work:

  Usual fee- 5400 $
  Scholarship fee- 3700 $

 Japan 2 years study and work:

  Usual fee- 10,500 $
  Scholarship fee- 9000 $

( All in USD )

Scholarships will be funded by either 'Aminda Karunarathne Memorial Fund' or Deon International or Respected College/University

Its an Non Government/ Non profitable Organization (NGO)

He was a young Sri Lankan Social worker became Provincial Politician who was died in his early ages. His parents and brother using his funds to help young South Asians to achieve their dreams and become useful citizens.

Deon International is delivering scholarships using its office network and giving free consultation and relevant services when needed.