A refreshing new environment is now available to you to continue your higher studies. New Zealand's globally recognized higher education system, has been gaining popularity all over the world over the past decade. While the Pacific island is well known for her breathtaking wonders of nature, the secret to New Zealand's growing allure is its warm and welcoming culture that embraces and celebrates diversity, making it one of the most attractive destinations for international students. The scenic beauty of the country makes it a wonderful place to study as well as pursue career opportunities.


  New Zealand's higher education system comprises of Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP), Colleges of Education and Private Training Establishments (PTE), which offer both academic as well as vocational qualifications and research opportunities in a wide array of fields. All government approved universities and institutes award degrees and other qualifications that enable you to seek career options anywhere in the world.

  The QS World Top 500 University Rankings of 2013/14 featured all eight Government-funded universities among the best universities in the world while the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500 Rankings of 2012/13 featured two thirds of them. New Zealand's universities are internationally recognized for their academic and research excellence. Should you select New Zealand as your destination, you are guaranteed of a highly recognized degree.

  New Zealand universities were also ranked in the World's top 50 in 18 fields of study, including Accounting and Finance, Civil & Structural Engineering, Education, Law and Psychology. You will pass out from any one of these as a fully qualified professional confidant of facing the world.

  There are a variety of other options available for a lesser cost. In addition to the Government-funded universities, New Zealand's Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITP) offer a variety of courses for students interested in vocational studies with pathways to secure academic qualifications in the future. While ITPs are also Government-funded and maintain very high standards of education, they offer qualifications ranging from certificates to postgraduate qualifications at a lower cost than universities. These qualifications too are well recognized in the job market.

  Many privately operated, but Government accredited Private Training Establishments (PTE) and Colleges of Education provide international students with still more affordable options to pursue. In short, you can find a university or an institute to suit your budget which will enable you to emerge a confidant professional.

  The Government of New Zealand has established strict regulations and monitoring mechanisms to ensure international students receive a high quality education. All education providers are required to be registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), which is responsible for assisting education providers maintain quality standards in training programs and assessment practices. They ensure that your money is not wasted on an unrecognized qualification.


  Smile your way through higher education. Legatum Prosperity Index 2013 ranked New Zealand fifth among the happiest countries in the world, above Australia (7th). Quality of life is high and the student is made to feel at home in a friendly and a peaceful environment.

  Auckland, the most populous and metropolitan city in New Zealand, was ranked eighteenth among the top fifty student cities by Top Universities. This University has a high percentage of foreign students and the wonderful mixing of cultures only makes life richer.

  Students also have the opportunity to apply for job vacancies and continue their career in this serene environment. A wonderful stepping stone to a young person starting life.