Despite its scarce resources, Japan was able to grow economically and become a leading country in manufacturing precisely because of the advanced knowledge and technology fostered by its excellent education system. Using its state-of-the-art science, technology and medicine, Japan has introduced many products to the world, including electric vehicles, digital cameras, optical fibers and the artificial heart. Instant noodles, which have changed the dietary life of the world, and Karaoke, are also innovations of Japanese origin. The practice of transforming innovative ideas into creative products goes far back into Japanese history.

Japanese schools focus not only on academic achievements but also on the development of human quality. This aspect of Japanese schools is highly appreciated by international students who think the studying experience in Japan helps them after they start working.

Continent: Asia
Capital: Tokyo
Area:  377,975 km²
Currency: Japanese Yen

HighlightsMany Universities and Colleges
ProgramsJapanese Language, Business, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Culinary, Elderly care, Healthcare, Engineering, Fashion and Beauty
Levels: Certificate, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors Degree and Masters
Tuition FeeStarting from: A$4,095 (depends on the program and level)
Age limit: At least 17 yrs old
Certificate- Grade 10
Diploma- Grade 12 Bachelors- Grade 12 or equivalent, Masters- Bachelors degree or equivalent
Japanese ProficiencyFor all courses: JLPT/NAT or Need to provide a certificate for min 150 hours of Japanese language course.
FundsEmbassy guideline is Tuition Fee + 12 months living Cost (more the merrier)
Ex: At least Yen 2,200,000 for All courses
For Offer LetterPassport, Birth Certificate, All educational certificates and transcripts, School Leaving certificate, All work experience letters, Japanese Language, 2 Passport size Color Photos, Proof of funds and sources of funds.
*All documents in local languages must translate to Japanese language by a certified translator
VisaApplication/Visa Process: 2-4 months
Visa ProcessVisa Eligibility Certificate issued byb the authorities in Japan.
Need Receipt issued by the Institute in Japan for half or 1 yr tuition fee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certified Documents and translations, all other documents submitted to the institute in Australia, Proof of Adequate Funds and fund sources
Visa Fee: refer to the embassy website
Balance FeeDeon International consultancy fee applicable