Often dubbed the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is arguably the country with the most influential civilization of ancient times. Contemporary meets antique in a country both drenched in world history and brimming with modernity. Simplicity, beauty and harmony depict themselves everywhere within this luminous Mediterranean environment composed of mythical ruins of marble, sapphire waters and white houses.

The proud tradition of scholarly inquiry – Greece has an academic heritage like few other countries in the world, having been home to the lives of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates and Pythagoras along with the high quality education offered by the Greek institutions across a broad spectrum of subjects are two reasons that can attract foreigners to study in Greece.

The “birthplace of Academia and Western thought” also constitutes a vibrant research centre, with ongoing work in theoretical fields such as archaeology and classics as well as in scientific fields such as medicine, biology and physics, and technology disciplines like I T and computer engineering, between others.

Continent: Europe
Capital: Athens
Area:  131,957 km²
Currency: Euro

HighlightsMany Universities and Colleges
ProgramsBusiness, IT, Baking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Culinary, Elderly care, Healthcare, Engineering, Fashion and Beauty
Levels: Certificate, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors Degree and Masters
Tuition FeeStarting from: Euro 5,000 (depends on the program and level)
Age limit: At least 17 yrs old
Certificate- Grade 10
Diploma- Grade 12
Bachelors- Grade 12 or equivalent
Masters- Bachelors degree or equivalent
English ProficiencyFor all courses: Can apply with or without IELTS
FundsEmbassy guideline is Tuition Fee + 12 months living Cost (more the merrier)
Ex: At least A$ 35,000 for All courses
For Offer LetterPassport, Birth Certificate, All educational certificates and transcripts, All work experience letters, IELTS certificate (If required), 2 Passport size Color Photos
*All documents in local languages must translate to English by a certified translator
VisaApplication/Visa Process: 2-4 weeks
Visa ProcessReceipt issued by the Institute in Greece for half or 1 yr tuition fee.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certified Documents and translations, all other documents submitted to the institute in Australia, Air ticket booking, Travel/Medical Insurance, Proof of Adequate Funds
Visa Fee: refer to the embassy website
Balance FeeDeon International consultancy fee applicable